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Locals embrace reduced e-waste recycling fees

Monday August 19 2019

Palmy residents have recycled more than 56 tonnes of e-waste over the past year – almost twice as much as the year before.

Photo shows woman with a box of recycling on the footpath outside the Ferguson St recycling centre.

You can can recycle your old or broken electronic items by taking them to the Ferguson Street Recycling Centre.

Mobile phones, desktop computers, GPS systems, computer mice, cameras and batteries are free to recycle, while other items have small fees.

More than 5,000 items were recycled in the past year rather than ending up in landfill.

The large uptake is likely due to Council reducing the fees.

In 2017-18 33 tonnes of e-waste was recycled, but in 2018-19 56.5 tonnes was saved from landfill.

Televisions were the most popular item, with 1,030 recycled in the past year.

Laptops and tablets, computer monitors, and printers, scanners and fax machines were also popular – we collected around 500 of each.

Household appliances like toasters, heaters, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, fridges and washing machines accounted for close to 1,500 items.

Council’s Waste Operations Manager, Stewart Hay, says it is an extraordinary result.

“We are so proud of our residents and their enthusiasm to recycle these products. We should all be very proud of how much we have been able to recycle, rather than put in our landfill.”

He says e-waste is one of the most toxic types of waste in the world.

“Many e-waste items contain elements that can be recycled, but also chemicals that can leach into our soil and waterways. By using our e-waste service you will be sending your unwanted electronic item to a processing plant where it is dismantled in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.”

For more information about what electronic items can be recycled, see e-waste recycling.