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Māori ward poll opens

Thursday April 26 2018

Voting papers for Palmerston North City Council’s Māori ward poll are being mailed to Palmerston North residents, city property owners and ratepayers from tomorrow (27 April).

The voting paper will give electors the option of voting for or against the establishment of a Māori ward or wards for the 2019 and 2022 elections.

The voting period starts on 27 April and closes at 12pm on Saturday 19 May 2018.

Postal voting papers must be posted no later than Wednesday 16 May to ensure they meet the voting closing date, or they can be delivered to the Palmerston North City Council office, 32 The Square.

Voting papers are being posted to the address listed on the current parliamentary electoral roll. Ratepayers who own or have an interest in property within the city, but live outside the city can vote providing they are enrolled as a ratepayer elector with the Palmerston North City Council.

“If anyone has not received a voter pack by 7 May, we ask that they call our contact centre on 06 356 8199 and ask for a special vote to be posted out, or call into the Council office and apply for a special vote in person,” says Electoral Officer John Annabell. “We are also happy to answer any other questions relating to voting and enrolment.”

A preliminary result will be released to media around 7.30pm on Saturday 19 May.

The final poll result will be released as soon as all special votes are received and verified.