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Major milestone reached on duplicate main construction

Wednesday August 4 2021

Palmy’s one step closer to having a more resilient water supply, following the connection of our duplicate water main.

Photo shows two workers in safety gear deep in a trench connecting two large concrete pipes for the new duplicate water main.

The pipe being connected late last month.

We currently have one water main that feeds water from our water treatment plant to the city’s key reservoirs.

Over the past two years we’ve been constructing a second water main that can also move water from our plant to supply those reservoirs.

A second main means that if we need to do long periods of maintenance or have a pipe break like last year, we can continue to supply drinking water.

The new pipe is also more likely to withstand an earthquake as it’s made of a plastic which can bend slightly with ground movement.

Major milestone reached last month

Palmerston North City Council Water Operations Manager, Mike Monaghan, says late last month contractors reached a major milestone, with the successful final connection to our wider pipe network being completed.

“Now we will work through the commissioning process, where we complete the final checks and begin trialling running water through it. We expect that both pipes will be supplying water to Palmy over the coming months.”

He says the project ensures we can continue to provide Palmy with the great water services we're used to.