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Memorial Park pool open for summer swimming

Monday December 28 2020

Palmy residents are again able to take a splash at the Memorial Park Pool. The pool will be open between 10am and 8pm from Tuesday 29 December.

The pool has been closed during construction of the playground and splashpad.

Council officers were originally concerned about how residents could swim in the pool while the park is a construction site and made the call to keep it closed over summer. However in the runup to Christmas we worked on a plan to reopen the pool, while keeping park visitors safe.

Parks and Reserves Manager Kathy Dever-Tod says: “This has been a real balancing act to ensure we can open the pool for fun, but also keep people safe. To do this, we need all our residents to recognise this, and adhere by our additional safety regulations.”

Some things for swimmers to know

Memorial Park is still a construction site – please respect all fencing and do not enter the fenced off playground and splashpad area.

The pool is enclosed by tall construction fencing. This means there aren’t as many places to sit and picnic for the day.

During busy times, we’ll have a staff member on to ensure everyone is safe. You must listen to their instructions.

The gates to Memorial Park will remain closed during construction so trucks can access the site. You’ll need to park at the upper carpark and make your way down to the pool.

Construction is still happening while the pool is open. Please respect the fencing, keep a safe distance from the work, and listen to any requests from contractors.

There may be times that we need to close the pool while work is done nearby. We'll try and give as much notice of this as possible on our website and Facebook page.

The toilets and skate rink remain open, but you'll need to go around the construction fencing to access it.

If at any time we are concerned about health and safety risks, we will close the pool.