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Memorial Park to reopen in 2021

Palmy’s Christmas wish has been granted – Memorial Park will reopen in 2021 with a completed splashpad and playground.

Photo shows artist's illustration of new splashpad next to the paddling pool at Memorial Park.

The new outdoor splashpad will be the only one in our region and free to use.

Eastern and Central Community Trust, New Zealand Community Trust, the Lion Foundation, and Mainland Foundation have played the role of Santa – gifting the remaining $235,000 to install the splashpad.

In early November, we had to confirm plans that the park would remain closed over summer, while we waited to hear back from remaining funders.

With today’s confirmation of full funding, Council is now working fast to see how quickly the work can be done, to get the park reopened as soon as possible.

A happy end to 2020

Mayor Grant Smith says news of the full funding is the greatest end to 2020. “We’re over the moon about the funding news and after this unusual year, it gives us all something very exciting to look forward to in 2021.”

Chief Executive Heather Shotter, says the funding agencies deserve a huge thank you. “This year has been a rough one for everyone and we know funding agencies have more requests than ever. We’re very grateful that these agencies saw the enormous benefits this project has for our community and visitors.”

Ms Shotter says Council knew our community would be disappointed when we announced the park would have to stay closed, but we wanted to be transparent with our residents about the situation we faced, and that regardless of funding being secured the park wouldn’t be ready for early summer for play or events to be held there.

Photo shows artist's illustration of the proposed splashpad at Memorial Park.

Park to open as soon as possible

With today’s confirmation of funding, council staff are now having detailed conversations with our contractors about how soon the work can recommence.

Mayor Grant Smith says we hope to provide an update in the New Year.

“We’ll be providing regular updates about the construction work and when we might be able to have the official opening – we know our residents will be as excited as we will be to open the gates again next year.”

Funders proud of project potential

The Lion Foundation says it's delighted to assist in funding the splashpad project in Palmerston North. “Sport, active recreation and play are all things we love to support and water play is something for all the family to enjoy. We hope the community enjoy the facility and have many happy years splashing around.”

New Zealand Community Trust says it's delighted to partner with Council on the project. “We know how important play, active recreation and sport are for children’s development and wellbeing. We’re passionate about helping give young Kiwis the opportunity to be physically active and we’re here to make projects like this happen.”

ECCT says it supported this project as it allows all members of the community to enjoy free, healthy, water-based activities which encourage active recreation. “It aligned well with ECCT’s priority outcome of increased community participation and social cohesion. The project was well planned, catering for wheelchair and mobility scooter access and designed for safe family and community interaction.”