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Mobile exercise kit on The Square

Wednesday October 17 2018

A prototype piece of mobile exercise equipment is on show in The Square as part of Placemaking Week (12 to 19 October).

Photo shows exercise platform stationed in the Square, formed of wooden rods, benches, and bars of varied heights.

We're planning to build a series of different exercise platforms near the river.

Mounted on a 6x3-metre moveable platform, it’s thought that the kit - featuring poles, bars and steps - is the first piece of mobile exercise equipment of its kind in New Zealand.

Conceived and designed by Palmerston North City Council as part of the Manawatū River Framework, Acting Chief Infrastructure Officer Ray Swadel says the aim was to encourage people to make better use of the Manawatū River environment.

“We wanted to get more people down there having fun and enjoying the outdoor opportunities the river provides.

“The problem is that the riverside can flood, and the challenge for us was how to design for that.”

The solution is to build a series of platforms that can be placed in line, in a circular circuit or arranged randomly. If the river overflows its banks, they can be moved out of the way, and put back when floodwaters recede.

Council employed local engineers and builders to construct the initial prototype, which the public can trial with the help of Sport Manawatū volunteers, from 10am Wednesday morning, 17 October. 

“We'll also be working with Sport Manawatū and UCOL down by the river to see what works well and what could be improved.”

The aim over the next 10 years is to build a series of platforms, each one with a different set of exercises, for people to freely use in the peace, tranquillity and beauty of the Manawatū River environment.