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More than three tonnes of chemicals saved from landfill in just one day

One hundred and seventy four people dropped off their household chemicals at our free hazardous waste day in June.

Photo shows council staff in front of a billboard promoting the benefits of keeping chemicals out of landfill.

We collected more than a tonne of chemicals for safe disposal. at this year's hazardous waste day.

Old bottles of DDT and sodium chlorate and paraquat, which are old weedkillers, were some of the items handed in.

We also collected two tonnes of motor oil on the day, which will now be recycled.

It’s the second time we’ve hosted the event, and this year more than double the number of residents handed over their old chemicals.

Council’s Waste Operations Manager, Stewart Hay, says it’s a great result.

“It’s great that these items are now out of people’s homes and being safely disposed of. These chemicals are often used outside and can be a nightmare for the freshwater animals and plant life in our waterways.”

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Photo shows man in safety gear surrounded by boxes of returned household chemicals.

Just some of the household chemicals returned on the day.