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New city reservoir about to be operational

Friday September 22 2017

The new Aokautere water supply reservoir and pumping station will start operating early next week.

Photo shows giant water tank on farmland.

The new reservoir will supply Aokautere and Linton.

The 2,500m3 reservoir in the hills behind Pacific Drive is the most important part of the Aokautere Water Supply Improvement Project.

The reservoir will provide a new gravity point of supply to Aokautere and Linton and replaces the current aged and undersized Summerhill pump station.

As the reservoir begins to operate, there will be a change in the direction of the water flow in the Pacific Drive water main. This has the potential to stir up sediment in the pipes and cause some water discolouration. Discoloured water is safe to drink but can cause issues like staining your washing if you're doing the laundry.

Council will work to minimise this risk by gradually introducing the new reservoir supply and reducing the flow from the Summerhill pump station.

We're not anticipating any issues, however if you do notice discoloured water, we advise you to turn on all the cold water taps on your property to flush the pipes.

If the water is not running clear after 15 minutes, please call us on 06 356 8199.