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New Park Road-Cook Street intersection ready this weekend

Thursday July 29 2021

Our new safer vehicle entranceway into the Victoria Esplanade will be ready for use this weekend.

Construction began on the Park Rd/Cook St intersection transformation in March.

The new road marking was installed overnight Saturday, and the traffic lights are being switched on this Friday night.

Parks and Reserves Manager, Kathy Dever-Tod says the new intersection will be far safer.

“Previously, motorists have had to wait at the median and then enter the park. This has resulted in traffic delays and some accidents as motorists carried out dangerous manoeuvres. The new entrance allows motorists to drive across the intersection from Cook St and directly into the park.”

Ms Dever-Tod says there are still some finishing touches to occur over the coming weeks.

“We’re awaiting some bollards to close the access at nighttime and wheel stops for the new carpark which have been held up at the Port in Auckland. We also need to plant the new gardens and add some artistic elements to the pedestrian pathway. Instead of waiting for these things to occur, we wanted to open the road so park users and road users could benefit from the safety improvements as quickly as possible.”

She’s hopeful they will all be completed before mid-August, when Rangitāne will bless a new piece of artwork at the entrance designed by Ephraim Russell.