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New parking trial for King Street car park

Monday August 22 2016

Palmerston North City Council has confirmed it is starting a brand new parking trial.

Closeup photo of a hand inserting debit or credit card in meter to pay for parking.

It will be offering of one hour’s free parking in off-street metered spaces in the King Street car park.

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith says the proposal was included in the Council’s parking management plan, approved in June.

“Council decided to make a specific recommendation at its meeting today confirming that the trial in the King Street car park is to go ahead as soon as possible.

“We have 48 metered spaces there which are currently under-used,” Mayor Smith says.

“When we consulted on the parking management plan, we received encouragement from local businesses, UCOL and numerous user groups of Hancock Community House for an hour’s free parking in the King Street car park.

“This trial will also be of great help to those  residents seeking assistance from the social agencies and volunteer organisations at Hancock Community House as well as for parents waiting for their children after class at the nearby dance school”, he says.

“The trial will start as soon as Council staff have reconfigured the meters within the King Street car park," he says.

Council officers reported that the initiative is expected to cost Council up to $1,200 a month in lost parking revenue.

It will coincide with the Council’s all day parking trial, which allows people to park for as long as they like in metered spaces signed P$ All Day provided they pay.

Both trials will continue until July 2017.