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New parking trial for King Street carpark to start next week

Friday September 30 2016

From Monday, the first hour is free when you park in metered spaces at the King Street carpark.

Image of poster advertising one hour free parking in King Street carpark

A new parking trial starts on Monday

This is the latest in a series of parking initiatives being trialled by the Palmerston North City Council.

There are 48 spaces within the King Street off-street carpark included in the trial.

“You still need to get a ticket from the parking machine and display it in the front window of your vehicle, even if you're parking for less than an hour,” says Council roading manager Graeme Tong.

“If you do plan to stay for longer than an hour the machine will calculate the difference and only charge you for the extra time you spend there,” Mr Tong says.

The aim of the trial is to make the most of the King Street off-street carparks, which are currently under-used.

“We hope people take full advantage of these parks whether they’re shopping, visiting local cafes or spending time at the nearby Universal College of Learning (UCOL) or Hancock Community House,” Mr Tong says.

This initiative coincides with the Council’s all day parking trial which allows people to park for as long as they like in metered spaces signed ‘$P All Day’ provided they pay.

Both trials continue until July 2017.