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Nominations for Palmerston North Civic Awards now open

Tuesday July 31 2018

There’s just a month to nominate deserving volunteers for the Palmerston North City Council’s annual Civic Awards.

Photo collage shows all three 2017 Civic Honour recipients.

Last year's award recipients: Lyal Brenton, Junne Bendall, and David Edge

The city’s highest recognition for voluntary service is now open for public recommendations.

“The Civic Awards go to people who have carried out outstanding or innovative voluntary service to others in the community,” Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith says.

“These are people who have gone above and beyond, and selflessly and quietly given up their time to help and support others.”

Nominations close on 31 August and the awards will be presented at the Palmerston North Conference and Function Centre on 30 October.

“There are so many people in our city who are committed to helping others and building strong and connected communities, and I look forward to honouring a number of them at the end of October.”

Last year's award recipients were Junne Bendall for service to the Palmerston North Public Sculptural Trust, Centrepoint Theatre and the city’s arts and cultural sector; Lyal Brenton for service to young people, those in need and to older people; and David Edge for service to the Manawatū International Jazz and Blues Festival and the Manawatū Jazz Club.

Members of the public are welcome to nominate anyone they think deserves this honour.

Nomination forms can be collected from the Council's Customer Service Centre, libraries or on the Palmerston North City Council website (see below).

Civic Award nomination criteria

The service carried out by the nominated person must not be a professional service or a service that they undertake in the course of their paid employment.

The awards are open for volunteers of any age, and citizens can be nominated for the quality of their commitment or the length of their service.

If anyone has unsuccessfully put forward a person in previous years, they are welcome to re-submit their nomination.

For help with nominations contact:

Dominica Pikimaui
Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive
Palmerston North City Council
06 356 8199