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Opportunity to recycle those batteries

Thursday December 15 2016

This Christmas, Palmerston North City Council is providing residents with the opportunity to responsibly dispose of old and unwanted batteries from your household gadgets and handheld devices.

Photo shows hundreds of household batteries all jumbled together.

Council is running a free battery recycling trial from now until the end of March.

Staff at the Ferguson Street recycling centre will accept your batteries during opening hours, as part of a trial running until the end of March 2017.

The service is free to residents over the trial period. Council will be assessing participation in the trial to determine the long-term cost in offering the service.

The recycling centre will not accept damaged, rusted or leaking batteries. Some examples of batteries accepted are: mobile phones, laptops, toys, torches, cordless power tools and stereos. This includes single use and rechargeable batteries, such as your standard AA and AAA batteries.  

“This is about getting these items out of a landfill. Batteries have a lot of metals and harmful chemicals inside them. Not only that, they have a lot of resources in them that can be reused,” says Council rubbish and recycling engineer, Natasha Hickmott.

“The Council receives enquiries about recycling batteries on a regular basis, so there is definite interest. Offering a free trial will show what the participation is like, and what it could potentially look like long term.”

Check the recycling centre opening hours