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Palmerston North City Council issues warning about bogus animal control letters

Friday March 24 2017

Palmerston North City Council is warning residents about bogus leaflets being distributed in Ashhurst which falsely suggest they come from "animal control".

Photo shows five dogs of different sizes and breeds.

The Council became aware of the leaflets this morning following a query from a homeowner.

PNCC Customer Services General Manager Peter Eathorne says the one-page leaflet is unsigned, badly written, and not on Council letterhead.

"It makes a series of statements that are legally incorrect and factually wrong."

He says the leaflet falsely claims it’s a requirement for owners in residential areas to fit their dogs with bark repellent dog collars.

"This is definitely not the case. Other claims are made in the letter about nationwide fines and the removal of dogs. These are also false. We urge people to ignore these letters entirely.

"We have no idea what the motivation is behind the leaflet. If it's meant to be a practical joke, I don't see a funny side to misleading people."

Mr Eathorne says if people want clarification about the rules, head to our website or give our Customer Service Centre a call.