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Palmerston North Winter Festival 2018

Tuesday July 25 2017

Expressions of interest are being called for from Palmerston North's arts community for participating in the 2018 Winter Festival.

Next year, the city’s Winter Festival will be a celebration of the arts.

What's happening for Winter Festival 2018?

Winter Festival 2018 is a month long celebration (1 to 30 June) showcasing new and existing arts, artists, events, and activities in Palmerston North.

This festival aims to increase community awareness about the diversity and creativity of Palmerston North’s cultural, literary, performing and visual arts in a positive and enjoyable way.

We seek to grow audiences and community participation, and will market artists, organisations and event organisers. We are encouraging artists, performers, community groups, venues, business, schools and tertiary institutions to become part of this exciting festival.

How can you be involved?

Become a festival partner

Take part in an event during the festival. The Winter Festival will begin with the Manawatū Jazz Festival, and we're looking for headline events showcasing the best of the arts sector to feature on the middle weekends. The festival plans to conclude with the Regent Theatre’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Become a participant

Organise an arts event, activity or performance for the public. For example, organise an exhibition of your work, create a pop-up or temporary installation, conduct a workshop or host one of the existing events or performances. This includes experimental, boutique and small-scale activities. We will advertise these events under the Winter Festival 2018 umbrella. 

Become a media partner

Promote the Winter Festival 2018 events on your website or Facebook page, among your clients and members.

Become a sponsor

Become a volunteer

We’d like to hear back from you by Tuesday 8 August, with your expression of interest and a brief outline (1-2 paragraphs) of what you are thinking of doing or how you’d like to contribute. Include your name, organisation (if you’re part of a group), contact details, brief description of your idea and proposed venue or space.

There may be other ways you would like to be involved with the festival and we’d be happy to discuss these further. Please email: