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Palmy reassures community about water reforms

Thursday July 1 2021

Palmerston North residents can be assured that we will continue to provide some of the country’s best water services while the government considers changes to the management and operation of water nationwide.

Yesterday, the government announced its proposal for how three water services will operate moving forward. It is proposing four publicly owned water service entities who will own and operate the infrastructure on behalf of councils.

Independent governance boards are proposed, along with an economic regulatory regime to protect consumer interest. The government’s proposing the new entities would officially begin on 1 July 2024, with councils responsible for these services until then.

Photo shows Council chief executive Heather Shotter.

Heather Shotter.

Palmerston North City Council Chief Executive Heather Shotter says the council is looking at the proposed reforms in more detail and will be having ongoing discussions with the government.

Ms Shotter, who is also on the government’s three waters steering group, says our community will remain front of mind.

“We have very large programmes of work in place for new infrastructure and upgrades to our current water assets, and that will not change as a result of the announcement. We are proud to deliver some of the best water services in New Zealand and we are committed to looking after our community and its assets until the time that any alternate entity is established.”

She says we will continue to work co-operatively with the government to ensure the best outcome for our community and New Zealanders as a whole.

Council will also continue to progress with the Nature Calls project, which looks at how to best manage and discharge our wastewater over the next 35 years, until further clarification is provided about the state of current programmes of work.