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Palmy’s first Environmental Sustainability Review released

Thursday March 11 2021

Palmy residents can now read the city’s first Environmental Sustainability Review. The magazine-style report presents information about how the City Council and the community are looking after the environment through sustainable practices.

Photo shows woman biking a boardwalk in a park alongside native trees.

The review has seven chapters covering water, carbon, urban design, biodiversity, energy, waste and transport. It includes data, case studies and other information reflecting what is happening in the city now and what Council wants to happen in the future.

“This review is a valuable resource for our residents, businesses and visitors to understand the activities Council and people are making to ensure we meet our eco-city goal,” says Mayor Grant Smith.

Our eco-city goal reflects our aspiration to be a future-focused city that plans for and cares about its future by enhancing its natural and built environment. The benefits to our city are realised by creating clean energy, lowering carbon emissions, and reducing our ecological footprint.

“We have always been transparent about what we’re doing to meet our goal through our eco-city strategy, and our five related plans covering, biodiversity, energy, sustainable practices, waste and our three waters. However, we needed a resource for people to read about the wide breadth of activities happening, their benefits and their outcomes, collated into one readable document.”

As a reflection of sustainable practice, the review is available online on Council’s website. Hard copies will be available to read at all our libraries and Council’s Customer Service Centre.