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Palmy’s first protected cycleway opening soon

Thursday April 8 2021

Residents and visitors using Main St West and Pioneer Highway will soon be able to trial a new separated cycleway.

Photo shows hundreds of cycleway separators in cheery primary colours, stacked like blocks along a fence.

Take a sneak peek at the separators.

The Main St West cycleway was identified as a high priority in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan in response to the number of users, its location linking the western suburbs and the Longburn Shared Pathway and CBD as well as linking to the Cook Street on-road cycleway which connects to the river.

The project received funding from the Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency Innovating Streets programme, which aims to make it easier to test changes to create safer and more pedestrian-friendly street environments and support councils to do things differently through ‘tactical urbanism’. The cost of this trial is $307,050, of which the Agency will be paying 90 per cent.

We designed this cycleway together!

When we consulted with our community late last year the main themes of the feedback from residents, businesses and road users was to ensure the cycleway has a physical barrier and to improve one of the intersections near Pioneer Highway and Lyndhurst St.

We took those ideas on board, and helped shape them into the design of the cycleway.

This cycleway is unique for Palmy in that it will be the first to have a physical protection between people on bikes and motorists. The separator will be large sturdy boxes, similar to planter boxes, laid out in a rainbow pattern.

We’ve worked hard to retain as much on street parking as possible, while ensuring we meet roading standards for width of traffic lanes.

On-street parking next to the traffic lane along the New World/Spotlight side of the street will be removed near the businesses. However, parking in all of the slip lanes will remain.

The on-street parking near the residential end by Botanical Rd won’t be affected as the road is wider, allowing more space for the cycleway and traffic lanes.
On the southern side, there will be some on-street parking removed next to the traffic lane by Mad Butcher and The Warehouse, but their customer carparks won’t be affected. All other parking, including around the Railway Reserve will remain. Where there is on-street parking, the cycle lane will be protected on both sides.

Motorists only have two small changes in the area. If travelling on Pitt St, next to the Railway Reserve, and turning into Main St West/Pioneer Highway, there will now be a Give Way at the intersection, and motorists will need to merge with traffic. Previously there was a dedicated left turn lane. The other change is for motorists travelling from the Botanical Rd end of Pioneer Highway. They will need to turn left into Lyndhurst St at the intersection. Previously there was a left hand slip lane.

Over the coming months we’re also upgrading the Pioneer Highway and Lyndhurst St intersection. We’ll be releasing more information about this change closer to the time of construction, but we wanted to assure residents that we were already working on plans to make safety upgrades.

Construction starting soon

Acting manager of Strategy and Planning, David Murphy, says this trial cycleway is intentionally simple and is easy to put up and take down again.

“We’ve already changed the road marking, and this week and next the separators are being installed.”

He says this trial will help determining how a future cycleway in this stretch could function.

“We’ll be conducting surveys and seeking feedback during the trial, which will help shape any permanent changes to the cycleway.”