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Park Road-Cook Street intersection safety improvements to begin

Thursday March 18 2021

Residents and visitors heading to the Victoria Esplanade will be able to get there more safely soon, as work begins to upgrade the Park Road-Cook Street intersection.

Photo shows concept design for the realiagned Park Road-Cook Street intersection.

Concept design for the realigned intersection.

The intersection is being transformed so motorists can travel directly from Cook Street into Victoria Esplanade, rather than having to wait at the median and then cross.

Its current layout has resulted in traffic delays as people try to enter and exit the park, and has also resulted in some accidents due to motorists carrying out dangerous maneuvers.

The new intersection will line the Victoria Esplanade entrance up with Cook Street, with the new drive sitting between the Lido and the current entrance. The new intersection will also have traffic lights to help improve the flow of traffic from all directions.

The current entrance will be kept for pedestrians and cyclists to use. Our iconic cherry trees will also remain, playing a starring role in the design.

While there will be a few carparks removed from the side of the Lido, we are adding a new carpark with space for 24 vehicles.

PNCC Parks and Reserves Manager, Kathy Dever Tod, expects residents will love the new layout.

“As our city grows and more people visit the park and our awa, this area is becoming very busy – so it is a priority for us to ensure road users and park users are as safe as possible. While the construction will be disruptive, we believe these safety upgrades will make a noticeable difference to everyone using this area.”

Plan ahead as there will be delays

Our contractors, Downer, will be working from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and will be looking to minimise disruption at peak times.

A range of traffic management measures will be in place, including stop/go controls, lane closures, and a temporary speed limit.

The work inside Victoria Esplanade won’t be too disruptive, and visitors will still be able to access the park from this entrance normally most of the time.

However, there will be delays at the intersection as we need to dig up parts of the road to allow for installing the new traffic lights, as well as upgrading other services.

We’re encouraging everyone to only use this intersection on weekdays if you need to. If you’re visiting the Esplanade by car during these hours, we encourage you to use the Manawaroa Street or Fitzherbert Avenue entrances instead. We’re also asking visitors to the Lido to access the pools from the Awatapu College end of Park Road to minimise delays.

On-street parking will also, at times, be reduced to keep both contractors and the public safe as we carry out the excavation work.

Construction complete in July

Construction is due to start on Wednesday 24 March, and will be completed in July.

We’ll be working closely with directly affected residents to keep them informed of what is happening.

When we are aware of significant disruptions, we’ll also post updates in advance on our Facebook page and website.