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Parking is changing in Palmy

Tuesday June 1 2021

Parking hours and fees in Palmy are changing from Thursday 1 July.

Photo shows city street with parked cars and $P all day sign.

We’re introducing late night paid parking until 9pm during the peak demand evenings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Saturday’s paid parking is also extending to be between 8.30am to 9pm, and we’re introducing paid parking on Sundays from 9am to 3pm.

On-street parking will be standardised at $1.70 an hour.

Off-street parking will now be standardised at $1 an hour, or $5 a day. You’ll still be able to park for one-hour free at the King Street car park.

The price of Council’s leased parking will also be increasing. Leaseholders will receive a letter advising them of the changes.

Changes aimed at increasing parking availability

Last year, after the Covid-19 lockdown, we offered free parking in the city for a couple of weeks. We quickly learnt that people parking all day in the city centre took away spaces for customers.

Acting Transport and Infrastructure Manager Geoff Snedden says businesses have been asking us to do more to encourage customers to visit.

“We want to encourage people to spend more time in our city centre and support local businesses. Introducing additional paid parking hours will discourage people from using ‘all-day’ parking in the city centre and allowing more spaces for customers. This higher turnover of vehicles is good for shoppers to grab their takeaways or stay a bit longer, while also helping businesses by bringing more people into the city centre.”

Mr Snedden says the increase in revenue is forecast to be around $400,000 annually.

“While residents will be paying for the additional hours too, 46 per cent of spending in our city centre actually comes from people who don’t live here. By having a user-pays model it means they're helping to fund some of our city’s key services, rather than ratepayers or residents alone.”

Mr Snedden says the council is currently working on a parking strategy which will look at the types of parking offered in the city, hours, time limits, fees, and consider some concerns raised by businesses and residents.

He says the strategy is likely to be presented to Council within the next year.