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Parking officers to conduct after-hours sting

Monday April 1 2019

Palmerston North City Council parking officers are cracking down on after-hours parking infringements, taking their fight to previously unmonitored hours to ensure mobility parking is available for those who need, when they need it.

Photo shows parking officer issuing a ticket to a car illegally parked in a mobility parking space.

Drivers who flout mobility parking rules may be fined.

The unprecedented decision to conduct after-hours checks comes after feedback from the disability sector that attitudes towards mobility parking become lax after parking officers clock off.

Chris Dyhrberg, Chief Customer and Operating Officer, says Council is committed to ensuring that mobility parking is being used appropriately and respectfully no matter the time of day or night.

“We’ve listened to the concerns of the disability sector about people not respecting the use of mobility parks after-hours.

“We’ll now be operating targeted after-hours checks on mobility parks and ticketing those breaching parking rules. It’s important those needing to use mobility parks have access to them 24/7 and we’ve heard this isn’t happening. There’ll be no warnings and zero tolerance.”

The after-hours patrols will also respond to complaints such as obstructing footpaths and parking on yellow lines.

For parking officers, the goal of the campaign is educating people about the hazards of parking illegally and deterring any parking behaviour that might be compromising public safety or inhibiting accessible parking for all Palmy residents.

Parking officers look forward to reporting back to residents on their findings and hope that by conducting after-hours checks, any negative behaviours will be curbed.

The after-hours patrols start today (Monday 1 April).

Parking infringement

Potential fine (dollars)

Parked in a mobility park without the correct permit 150
Parked on broken yellow lines 60
Parked on a footpath 40
Parked over a vehicle entrance 40
Double parked 40
Parked in bus stops and taxi stands  60