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Parking trials extended until August

Thursday June 29 2017

Palmerston North City Council’s parking trials have been extended until the end of August, when a decision will be made on what happens next.

Photo shows an older couple walking hand in hand in a PN city street lined with cars and trees.

The all-day parking trial in the central city and one-hour free parking trial in King Street came into effect in August last year, and were scheduled to come to an end in July.

“We’re really pleased the public can benefit from an extra month of the parking trials,” PNCC Roading Manager Jon Schwass says.

“A report on the effectiveness of the trials and our recommendations for next steps will go before Council in August and they will then make a decision on what happens next.”

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith believes the trials have been very positive for the city over the last 12 months.

“We wanted to bring more people into the city centre by offering easy parking options for both short and longer term stays,” he says.

“Anecdotal feedback from the public and local businesses suggests we’re achieving this, and we’re looking forward to receiving the full report in August.”

Residents and visitors to the city can be assured the trial will remain in effect until a decision is made.

“The information at the meters states that the trial runs until July, but we want to assure people they will remain in effect until the end of August so they don’t need to worry about fines,” Mr Schwass says.