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Parking update

Monday July 19 2021

Residents, visitors and businesses will soon be able to have their say on changes to city centre parking hours.

In early June we announced plans to increase fees and hours for parking in our city centre.

Following public feedback, Councillors put a pause on the changes coming into effect until they discussed it further at their next Council meeting.

At that meeting, Council voted to engage with the public for feedback on the hours.

That will occur over the coming weeks, with feedback being presented to Council in September.

We’ll provide a further update when the feedback period opens.

Hourly parking change will increase on Monday 26 July

Parking costs will still increase to $1.70 per hour, an increase of 20 cents on the current $1.50 an hour maximum charge.

This will require us to reprogramme the parking meters. The fee increase will come into effect on Monday 26 July.

Off-street car parking is being standardised at $1 an hour or $5 a day.