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PNCC takes ownership of purpose-built 100% electric trucks

Tuesday August 14 2018

Two purpose-built 100% electric kerbside rubbish and recycling trucks, fully constructed in New Zealand, are soon to hit the streets working for Palmerston North City Council.

Photo shows one of council's new electric rubbish trucks.

The new electric trucks will pick up kerbside rubbish and glass for recycling.

The 100% electric “low emission vehicles” will be launched in the Square at 8am on Monday 20 August.

The two electric trucks were constructed by Manco Environmental Ltd and replace two leased diesel trucks.

Palmerston North City Council received funding of $350,000 from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s (EECA) Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund towards their $736,000 cost.

Council CEO Heather Shotter says the trucks' launch is a highly visual way to showcase Palmerston North's goal of being an eco city.

“We’re a future-focused city that plans for and cares about the future. Lowering carbon emissions and reducing our ecological footprint is important to us,” says Shotter. “To have these trucks constructed within New Zealand and operating entirely by electric batteries is a fantastic precedent. We’ve a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% in the city by 2028 and this is a great way to start the process of achieving that reduction.”

The trucks were showcased last week at EV World Expo in Auckland and will start working on Palmerston North streets as soon as Council staff are fully trained in their operation.

Ray McIndoe, PNCC acting Chief Infrastructure Officer says: “Staff are really looking forward to working in clean and quiet vehicles around the city. We’re a little concerned people have got used to the noise of our diesel trucks to signal the collections were happening – but I’m sure people will be delighted with the reduction in noise while they’re operating.”

Manco Environmental has a long-standing relationship with Council. Managing Director Bryan Black says they are grateful to have supplied this prestigious contract. “This shows Palmerston North City Council is a true trail blazer in the environmental field.”


  Glass recycler Rear packer
Payload 1,900kg 3,600kg
Cubic capacity 7m3 8m3
Bin lifts per day >200 >300
Range (depending on service run) 180km 180km
Top speed RHS 80km limited LHS 30km limited
Charge time: zero to fully charged 7 hours 7 hours


  • left-hand low entry capability for safe exit from the left side of the vehicle
  • two-handed controls on the 8m3 rear packer and the 7.5m3 glass recycler for safety
  • safety barrier arm on the glass recycler to prevent a person from going near the trough while in operation
  • high resolution cameras fitted to allow the operator full view of the operation
  • the EV is extremely quiet in its operation and complements the seamless operation of the Manco environmental glass recycler and rear packer


Council staff designed the truck’s signage. The phrase “keeping it clean”, has a clever double message – not only are the trucks keeping the city clean through collecting refuse and recycling, they’re also keeping the wider environment clean, reducing carbon emissions, reducing noise pollution.

Te reo features on one side of the trucks. Atawhaitia te taiao means caring for the environment, further driving home the message that we're serious about protecting our environment.

The green on the orange trucks creates a strong and eye-catching contrast, and green is associated with conservation and eco-friendly (and is the city’s representative sports colour combination).

The watermarked background is composed of imagery widely recognised as symbolic of environmental sustainability, such as native birds, planet Earth, recycling symbols and bicycles.

The plug is a central feature of the design, due to being recognised worldwide as the symbol for electric vehicles. The environmental leaf features on Council’s current hybrid vehicles.

The design acknowledges the $350,000 funding by EECA.