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Preliminary election results

Saturday October 8 2016

The preliminary results of the Palmerston North City Council elections were announced by the electoral officer at 7.30pm on Saturday 8 October.

The tables show the names of the candidates in the order they have been elected, or reverse order they have been excluded.

Electoral officer Dr John Annabell says the outcome of this election may change once special voting papers have been counted.

Mayoral preliminary results

Electing one mayor from two candidates.




SMITH, Grant Independent Elected
BARBER, Ross Easton Team God Excluded

Councillor preliminary results

Electing 15 councillors from 28 candidates.




FINDLAY, Lew Independent Elected
BARRETT, Brent Green Party  Elected
UTIKERE, Tangi   Elected
BROAD, Adrian    Elected
RUTHERFORD, Aleisha    Elected
NAYLOR, Karen Independent  Elected
BUNDY-COOKE, Gabrielle   Elected
DENNISON, Vaughan   Elected
McCANN, Duncan Independent  Elected
BOWEN, Rachel Independent  Elected
JOHNSON, Lorna  Labour  Elected
HAPETA, Leonie    Elected
JEFFERIES, Jim    Elected
BATY, Susan    Elected
PETRENAS, Bruno  Independent  Elected
MEEHAN, Billy    Excluded
SYMES, Abi    Excluded
BUTT, Zulfiqar  Labour  Excluded
PUGMIRE, Sue  Independent  Excluded
ETUALE, James  Independent Excluded
EGAN, Martin  Independent  Excluded
CHISHOLM, David  Labour  Excluded
HOERA, Sheryll  Labour  Excluded
CLELAND, Darryl  Independent  Excluded
PAINE, Elizabeth  Independent  Excluded
POFF, Joseph  Independent  Excluded
McLAUGHLIN, Tony    Excluded
EDWARDS, Gavin Independent  Excluded

The computer software used to calculate election results for the councillor election means that candidates with enough support to be elected do not keep more votes than they need to be elected. Rather, the excess votes they receive are redistributed, in order of voter preference, so as to help elect other candidates. At the other end of the scale, where no candidate has sufficient support to achieve the quota and there are still vacancies to fill, the least popular candidate is removed from the count and, again, their votes are used to assist other candidates in being elected. This is done on the basis that it is impossible for that candidate to be elected, even if all remaining votes were transferred to them.

For the election of Palmerston North City Councillors 61 iterations of the voting cycle took place.

The total voter turnout was 38.7 per cent. At the 2013 election voter turnout was also 38.7 per cent.

Dr Annabell says the successful candidates will take up their positions on Sunday 16 October subject to the final results being advertised on Sunday 15 October.