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Pride of Palmy selected as name for city rose

Pride of Palmy has been announced as the name for the rose celebrating 50 years of International Rose Trials in Palmerston North in 2020.

Photo shows mayor holding a big bunch of yellow roses, standing next to another man in the city rose gardens.

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith and rose breeder Rob Somerfield celebrate the naming of the new rose.

Mayor Smith revealed the name at the presentation of this year’s rose trial award, on Sunday.

It was chosen from names submitted in a competition held in August and September.

Six people suggested the name, with Ann Cryer of Pukekohe drawn as the winning recipient of six rose plants, including Pride of Palmy. The others will each receive a Pride of Palmy rose plant. They are: Annette Nixon and Catherine Thompson (Palmerston North), Tessa Curd and Joanne Lockwood (Auckland) and Ellen Phillips-Collis (Christchurch).

Bred by award-winning rose breeder Rob Somerfield, the medium-growing hybrid tea has well-formed blooms of gold and yellow with an orange flush to the outer petals. The blooms are slightly fragrant and last well when picked.

There will be a limited release of Pride of Palmy plants next year for the National Spring Rose Show, being held at the Palmerston North Conference and Function Centre on 28 and 29 November 2020. More will be available the following winter. A bed will also be planted in the Dugald Mackenzie Rose Gardens.