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Public asked to have say on Summerhill Drive transformation

Monday September 7 2020

Palmerston North residents and particularly Summerhill road users are being asked to have their say on proposed upgrades to Summerhill Drive which will make it safer for all road users.

Over the coming years, Palmerston North City Council is looking to upgrade the cycleway between Fitzherbert Bridge and Aokautere. Due to differences in the existing road dimensions and speed limits, the project has been broken into stages. This consultation focuses on the area between Springdale Grove and Old West Road.

Council is asking for feedback on two options.

Option A would see a safe cycleway with physical barriers. To make room for this cycleway, on-street parking would be removed from both sides. To compensate for the loss of parking, three indented parking bays providing 12 parking spaces are proposed. This option also provides for indenting the three bus bays to help with the flow of traffic. The median strip would remain, and we’d also create two raised threshold areas for pedestrians to safely wait in the middle of the road as they cross the road.

Option B is very similar, but only requires us to remove parking from the northern side of the road (the side heading towards Aokautere). To provide the width required for safe cycleways, the painted median in the middle of the road would be removed, meaning cars will be travelling closer to each other, and it will remove the ability for motorists to wait in the middle of the road before crossing the flow of traffic. We’d also install two raised threshold areas in the middle of the road where pedestrians can wait safely before crossing to the other side. No additional parking would be added.

Parking in the slip lane would not be affected by either option. The type of physical barrier to be installed to separate the cycle lane is still under consideration, and community suggestions are welcomed. Whichever barrier we use will still allow for rubbish, recycling and street cleaning trucks to access properties.

Chief Infrastructure Officer, Tom Williams, says these options have been developed to fit with Council’s Active and Public Transport Plan, which has a goal to see more people walking, cycling, and using public transport around Palmerston North.

“We know that different people will want different things and we need to find a balance that works for everyone that uses or travels through this area. One of Council’s key visions is creating a safe and connected city and we want the public’s input on how we achieve that.”

Mr Williams is calling on Summerhill residents, and those that commute on this stretch of road to make sure they take the opportunity to have their say.

A leaflet explaining the options is being delivered to businesses and residents in the vicinity of the works this week. Drop-in sessions, where people can talk to our traffic engineer and project manager, will also be held.

The leaflet contains a submission form, but other residents can have their say on the changes at

Submissions close at 4pm, Friday 2 October.