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Residents give thumbs up to Council

Friday July 26 2019

We recently surveyed 800 Palmy residents and found that more than half (59 per cent) are satisfied or very satisfied with Council’s overall performance.

Photo shows grinning child on slide at a city park.

Playgrounds were one of the top rated Council services in our latest residents' survey, along with libraries, recycling and water.

We asked residents to give us feedback on Council’s services and facilities, governance and reputation, and the value for money we provide.

Many people reported being satisfied with Council, while 30 per cent responded as neutral. A further 11 per cent were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

Heather Shotter, PNCC Chief Executive, said customer service is a key focus for Council.

“Council is focused on being driven and enabling. We’re finding ways to do things simpler, faster and better, to deliver customer-centric services in everything we do.”

Results showed that Palmerstonians are most pleased with services such as water, recycling, playgrounds and libraries. These services and facilities all received satisfaction ratings of 75 per cent or above.

The Annual Residents’ Survey also revealed people don’t often think about how Council services are delivering value for money.

“When we tell people Council provides the average household with clean drinking water for under five dollars a week, it's only then that they realise they’re getting great value for money from Council,” said Ms Shotter.

This is the first time that participants have been randomly selected from the electoral roll as opposed to the phonebook.