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Ruahine Street traffic diversions Sunday 20 June

Tuesday June 15 2021

On Sunday 20 June, we need to remove three dangerous gum trees on Ruahine Street. We’ll have traffic diversions in place which may affect you.

The three trees are in the median between Featherston St and Tremaine Ave. Two of these are near Gate 9 of the hospital, and the other is near Gate 12, not far from the birthing centre.

The gum trees are posing a significant traffic hazard to our road users, pedestrians and people on bikes, as major branches are breaking and falling. Due to the nature of gum trees, they drop branches sporadically, so our usual mitigation measures don’t apply.  

The main entrance to the hospital will be accessible at all times

Our plan for removing the trees means that the main entrance to the hospital will be accessible at all times.

In the morning, contractors will be removing the trees near the Tremaine Ave end, so access to the hospital will be via the Featherston St end of Ruahine or Heretaunga Streets. During this period, the road will be closed between Tremaine Ave and Newhaven St, including Puriri St.

Later in the day, contractors will remove the tree near Gate 12 closer to Featherston St. That means the main entrance to the hospital will be accessible via the Tremaine Ave entrance to Ruahine, and from Heretaunga St. During this period the road will be closed between Featherston St and Terrace St.

We’ll also have signs on site explaining how to get into the hospital while the work is underway.

You’ll still be able to access your home

If you live on a side street along this stretch of Ruahine, you’ll still be able to access your homes and businesses. At times though you may need to wait a short period while contractors finish what they are working on. This would be to ensure you are safe!

We carefully considered the time of this work to minimise impacts

We were conscious we needed to do this work at a time that would have as minimal impact as possible.

We spoke with the hospital for advice, considered the number of residential properties and businesses, weekday traffic and Saturday sports and decided Sunday would be the best day to proceed. We’ve chosen to start with the northern trees, so the noise doesn’t impact the St Mary’s Church service.

The work may be noisy at times

Contractors will start setting up the site from 7am on Sunday, but no noise will begin until 8am, as that’s the noise rules in our District Plan. Work will be complete by 6pm.

The contractor will be using chainsaws and mulchers, which means if you live close to Ruahine St, you may hear these machines during the day.

The contractors will clean up the site to ensure the road and garden are left in a good condition. We won’t be replacing the trees immediately. You’ll be aware there’s increased traffic travelling along Ruahine St, and over the coming years we’ll be looking closely at the street to see if there are any improvements we can make. Once we've done that, we’ll look at replanting the area.