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Service change for central city rubbish and recycling

Monday July 31 2017

The low volume of rubbish and recycling collected in Palmerston North’s central business district has necessitated a service change from next week.

Kerbside rubbish and recycling is currently collected twice a week in the CBD, on Mondays and Thursdays.

From Monday 7 August it will only be collected once a week.

Council has distributed flyers to properties within the affected area, and spoken to business owners.

The change only affects those who’ve opted into Council’s rated collection service. As in the rest of the city, properties in the CBD which pay the $128 annual rate will be provided with a 240l wheelie bin to recycle paper, cardboard, tins and plastic, and a 45l crate for glass bottles and jars.

Some businesses choose to use Council’s commercial recycling collection services instead. There are no changes to these services.

Map shows the streets defined as CBD for the purpose of collecting rubbish and recycling.

Council will collect rubbish and recycling on Mondays from the streets marked in pink.