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Skate park numbers on the rise

Tuesday October 3 2017

Skaters are in for a treat with a suite of new features on the way for the skate park on the Railway Land Reserve, including: a pump track, pyramid ramp, pole jam, more banks and slabs, and an advanced Street League obstacle.

Photo shows kid skateboarding on the rim of the skatebowl.

The new features complete the skate park upgrade which began with the installation of the $180,000 Council-funded skate bowl earlier this year. The kidney-shaped pool bowl has proved to be popular, attracting skaters from around the country to use it.

Scott Brindle, manager of Square & Skate Apparel, is an avid skater and a skate park regular. He’s down at the park most days. There’s been a dramatic increase in skate park users since the new skate bowl opened in April, he says.

“The number of people down there has doubled, the place is really humming. Since the installation of the skate bowl, our sales in helmets and pads have shot up, particularly startup packs for the younger ones.”

Eastern and Central Community Trust has contributed a grant of $150,000, the Lion Foundation just under $80,000, and Mainland Foundation $20,000 towards the final stage of the skate park upgrade.

“It’s awesome to see the funders really get behind this. It’s the most popular urban youth facility in the city centre and we’re incredibly grateful,” says Jason Pilkington, PNCC Leisure Assets Planner.

The additional features will be ready in time for summer. Construction started in September and is expected to take four to six weeks.