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Speeds on Cuba Street drop after major roading upgrades

Thursday April 18 2019

Palmerston North City Council is excited to reveal vehicle speeds have dropped on Cuba Street since major roading upgrades took place.

Photo shows artist's illustration of Cuba Street in 2019 with wide footpaths and new plants and trees.

Cuba Street post-upgrade.

These upgrades include narrowing the road, raising part of the road by Distinction Hotel and widening footpaths. We also upgraded street lighting and public seating, and installed public art and sculptures. This work has made Cuba Street more attractive, people friendly, social and safe.

The first speed survey since the work took place was conducted last month. It revealed a mean vehicle speed of 28.6km/h compared to 39km/h in the survey before the work occurred.

The Palmerston North City Council Chief Infrastructure Officer, Tom Williams, says the speed result is great news for our residents.

“When we told the public about the project, we said this work would make them safer and it has. A difference of 10km an hour in vehicle speed is proven to have a significant difference in the number of crashes, and the severity of injuries to pedestrians if a crash was to occur.”

Mr Williams says these changes should give the public confidence in our other transport projects where we make roads narrower, or appear that way, to reduce speed.

“We did similar work on Queen Street last year and are currently installing planter boxes on a stretch of College Street between Victoria Ave and Albert Street to give the illusion of a narrower street to drop speeds. We are also doing similar work around a stretch of the Square.

“Cuba Street shows these measures can have great success and our residents can take comfort knowing these projects do result in safer streets.”