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Summer water use now encouraged

Thursday January 13 2022

Summer is well and truly here and we’re asking all residents to help Palmy once again avoid water restrictions.

Photo shows man watering vegetable garden with a hand-held hose.

Last year we trialled the summer water use initiative, which asks Palmy residents to only use water outside between 5pm and 7pm, every second day.

With your help, we managed to get through all of last summer without any restrictions!

Summer water use will be even more important this year, as we will be in La Niña, which means Palmy is likely to get less rainfall and experience very hot days.

Please make the choice to only water outside every second day

Summer water use means everyone should only use unattended sprinklers and hoses on your lawn or garden every second day and then only between 7pm and 9pm. Your day is based on your house number so even houses water on even days, and odd houses on odd days.

This is the same as a level 2 water restriction but is voluntary.

We’re asking people to start these efforts now, through to the end of daylight saving.

Water and Waste Operations Manager, Mike Monaghan, is asking everyone to get behind summer water use again.

“It was great that last year we could avoid water restrictions, and we really hope we can make it two summers in a row.”

He says Palmy will only move to compulsory restrictions on outdoor water use if our water conservation efforts aren’t enough, and we have concerns about a water shortage in the near future.

Palmy’s water comes from the Turitea Dam and 10 bores around the city and villages. Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe and Longburn each have only one bore to supply them.

Mr Monaghan says moving to summer water use is not about having insufficient water but rather being careful stewards/kaitiaki of a precious resource.

“Our city is extremally fortunate compared to many others around the country. We have planned well and have a range of water sources available. This is about showing that we value water, and don’t waste it. It focuses on choosing to minimise our water use over summer, changing our behaviour long-term and valuing water as the incredibly precious taonga it is.”

Get behind summer water use today

We can all make easy changes to save water this summer:

  • Head to our public pools at The Lido, Freyberg or Splashhurst instead of filling a pool at home. Visit the Victoria Esplanade paddling pool, or the Memorial Park paddling pool or splashpad.
  • If you really want your own paddling pool in your yard, empty the water onto your gardens rather than the lawn.
  • Mulch your gardens. This prevents weeds and helps plants by retaining moisture.
  • If you’re putting new plants in your garden, pick ones that are drought resistant, or don’t need as much water.
  • Wash your car with a bucket and sponge rather than using a hose.
  • Use a trigger controlled hose rather than a sprinkler, so you don’t waste water.
  • Purchase a water tank from our Customer Service Centre to store rainwater for your garden.