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Summerhill cycleway update

Wednesday October 13 2021

Summerhill Drive will soon be safer for all road users, with the next phase of construction underway on the city’s first permanent separated cycleway.

Photo shows green graphic with the words "roading update".

During the week beginning 18 October we will be line-marking the cycleway along a portion of Summerhill Drive.

This work typically occurs at night. If you live in the affected area, our contractors will be in touch with more information, as they will need to ensure no vehicles are parked on the road when the line marking occurs.

Once the new marking is installed, it will see the removal of most of the on-street parking between Old West Road and La Lena Grove.

Indented parking and bus bays, and pedestrian waiting points were installed over autumn and winter 2021.

We're pressing pause on a section of the cycleway

We’ve been having ongoing discussions with the three businesses along this stretch, and their views about the changes to on-street parking.

While we work through these concerns, we won’t install the section of cycleway on the city-bound side of Summerhill Drive, between Old West Road to the Landscape Supply Yard. We are going to monitor the changes to the road layout and then decide the next steps.

As a result, the cycleway on this side will begin at La Lena Grove.

We hope to install the barrier late this year or in early 2022

During the consultation last year, we shared that this cycleway will have a protection buffer between motorists and people on bikes.

This cycleway is a bit different to others in the city, as it has a 60km/hr speed zone, and is used by a very wide range of vehicles. This means that the barrier must be safe for all road users.

For these reasons we are spending extra time investigating the best option for this barrier, but you can be assured we are treating this with some urgency.

Any barrier we choose will allow residents and customers to easily and safely enter driveways, and street cleaning and waste vehicles will be able to access all properties.

May 2021: Summerhill cycleway construction now underway

Summerhill Drive will soon be safer for all road users, with construction now underway on the city’s first permanent separated cycleway.

As well as a cycleway, we’re adding three pedestrian waiting points, four indented carparking bays and installing two indented bays for buses to be able to pull out of the flow of traffic to drop-off and collect passengers.

This will be the second of our top 10 priority routes to be completed in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan, which aims to make it easier and safer to ride in our city.

The design is supported by our community

Option A included the removal of parking from both sides of the road, with indented parking bays installed. The median would remain, with two raised areas for pedestrians to cross.

Option B was very similar, but only required us to remove parking from the northern side of the road (the side heading towards Aokautere). The median would have to be removed, and no additional parking would be added.

191 submissions were received, with 74 per cent of respondents in support of Option A. In December 2020 Councillors also endorsed Option A.

Since consultation and the Council decision, we’ve been carrying out detailed design for the construction. We’ve also listened to feedback from the consultation about safety of pedestrians, and have added an extra crossing point into the design.

Acting Transport and Infrastructure Manager, Geoff Snedden, says there will be four indented carparks, allowing space for 13 cars.

“Council’s in-house contractors will be constructing these bays and will be working between the hours of 9am-4pm weekdays. They’ll install one bay at a time, and then move onto the next. We’ve scheduled six weeks for the construction of both the bays and cycleway, but this could be extended if we experience heavy rain.”

He says once they bays are installed, line marking will be re-applied on Summerhill Drive for the cycleway. This will see the removal of the on-street parking at that point.

The cycleway will have a physical separator. We are just in the final stages of confirming what these will be. The separator and the layout will be designed to ensure street cleaning trucks and rubbish and recycling trucks can continue to access the kerb, homes and businesses.

Another step forward in bringing our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan to life

Summerhill Drive is a major thoroughfare and commuter route and will continue to get busier. These changes will encourage more people to choose to ride, as cycling safety improves. Cycling makes our community healthier, is cheaper than owning a car, better for our environment and is good for our economy as people who ride bikes tend to shop locally more often than motorists.

More people on bikes, foot and public transport also helps motorists as there’s less congestion on the road, so we can all get across the city easily and safely.

Once this cycleway is installed, it will be our first permanent separated cycleway in the city. We’re currently trialling a protected cycleway on Main Street/Pioneer Highway.

The next cycleways to be constructed as part of our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan will be Albert Street, Milson Line and part of Rangitikei Street. We’re expecting public consultation for these this winter.