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Te Manawa Art Gallery closure shortened

Wednesday August 15 2018

Palmerston North City Council has worked closely with Te Manawa to re-scope the repair and improvement work at the art gallery after concerns were raised about how long it would be closed.

Photo shows exterior of Te Manawa Art Gallery with Paul Dibble sculpture in foreground.

The art gallery closed on 1 July for building repairs. It will reopen at the end of September.

“We understand and appreciate the concerns of the Te Manawa Arts Society and other art enthusiasts about the length of the closure for repairs,” says Debbie Duncan, PNCC General Manager – Community. “After working collaboratively with Te Manawa, we’ve reviewed the scope of the project. The work should all now be completed by the end of September. This includes work on the gallery walls, reworking the reception and some minor improvements to the staff room.

“The issues around the space, particularly the entrance, have now been addressed. Te Manawa will work with the Arts Society on ways to activate the gallery space when it reopens at the end of September.”