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The Coffee Club and Landmark Homes launch new parklet

Wednesday November 16 2016

The Coffee Club and Landmark Homes have partnered with Palmerston North City Council to create an exciting new public space. Keen to take advantage of the Council’s placemaking initiative, The Coffee Club has turned an underused loading zone in the city centre into a high quality public seating area.

Photo shows people drinking coffee at tables and chairs in a former carpark that has been converted into a social space.

The parklet project sees Council partnering with local businesses to make Palmy streets more sociable.

Centrally located on the corner of The Square and Main Street, The Coffee Club’s owners Verne and Wendy Wilson wanted to do something outside the box to make their street corner more vibrant. So they decided to host a parklet – a global phenomenon first seen in San Francisco where a car parking bay is transformed into a small public space.

“The Coffee Club is proud to be involved with the Council on this exciting streetscape project. The Square is a valuable asset to the central city and we’re privileged to offer customers an alternative environment for centre city dinning and relaxation,” says Wendy Wilson.

“An immense amount of thought and planning has gone into this project and we look forward to seeing people enjoying the space.”

Through the simple process of turning a car park into a public seating area, the Wilsons created a unique dining experience in the sun and an attractive area for the public to enjoy.

Keen to reflect the quality and values of The Coffee Club brand through the materials and design, they partnered with Landmark Homes Palmerston North owner Aaron Shirriffs. He was tasked with putting together a complimentary and exciting shared outdoor space.

Following his positive experience with other placemaking projects around the city, Aaron jumped at the opportunity to prototype a new style of parklet. He suggested using high-quality, locally-sourced wood upcycled from historic buildings to create a parklet with real meaning for the city.

“It’s great to see Palmy breaking its conservative mould and embracing new, interesting developments within the city. The placemaking initiative is finally getting a bit of traction, and done in a cohesive manner it’ll bring some awesome vibrancy to the central city. Landmark Homes is privileged to support the cause and we look forward to assisting with anything else in the future.”

The parklet has been installed in time for the summer months.

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