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Turning the spotlight on volunteers

Monday May 30 2016

Nominations have opened for Palmerston North City Council’s Civic Honour Awards 2016.

Illustration of people with their arms outstretched cut out of coloured paper.

The annual awards are the City’s highest recognition for voluntary service. They have been going since 1988.  

Nominations close on 22 July and the awards will be bestowed at a ceremony held in the Palmerston North Convention Centre on 3 November.

Mayor Grant Smith says Civic Honour Awards go to those individuals who have given hours of voluntary service over many years. They are the fabric of our society.

It is humbling to see the depth and breadth of work that volunteers do in our community.

Mayor Grant Smith

"Volunteers work in hospitals, schools, libraries and retirement homes or for large charities like Red Cross.

“Often they are the public face of those organisations. They help to provide a safety net for those who fall. They make sure community gardens are managed, donations are distributed, and charity shops are well run."

Mayor Smith says making a nomination is the way to recognise people for their contribution.

"Volunteers keep sporting organisations and clubs going. They are active in the arts, conservation and heritage. Others are advocates for change, whether it is calling for global action on climate change or supporting local efforts to promote a smokefree environment.

"As Mayor of Palmerston North, I want to acknowledge all volunteers. However, these awards are for those individuals who have carried out outstanding or innovative voluntary service to others in the community."

If you know a person who deserves this honour, nomination forms can be collected from the council's Customer Service Centre, libraries or through our website.

Civic Honour Award nomination criteria

The service carried out by the nominated person must not be a professional service or a service that they undertake in the course of their paid employment.

Volunteers of any age can be nominated, and citizens can be nominated for the quality of their commitment or the length of their service.

If any member of the public has unsuccessfully nominated a person in previous years, they are also welcome to re-submit their nomination.