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Two minutes with a Palmy Global Ambassador

Monday August 26 2019

We’re on the hunt for the next group of proud Palmy youth to represent the city on the global stage... so what does it take to be a Palmy Global Ambassador? We asked Nikita Skipper – one of the ambassadors from our inaugural intake.

Photo shows Nikita with three other global ambassadors.

It's all about teamwork, says Nikita Skipper, pictured with some of the rest of our Global Ambassador family.

So, Nikita, how did you hear about Palmy Global Ambassadors?

In all honesty, it was my flatmate who found the Palmy Global Ambassadors programme as we were looking for jobs together. It came at the perfect time as I was looking for something like this in Palmerston North where I could challenge my leadership skills and put parts of my degree into physical practice.

What prompted you to apply?

I have a strong knack for community work and being in Palmerston North as a student, unfortunately I find that there is a very stereotypical view of young people, which isn’t accurate at all. I felt I had to test that point of view and showcase that students are hardworking and want the best from and for our communities.

I also wanted a stronger insight into local politics both at governance and operational level. To have the opportunity to be a part of what I would say is the beating heart of this city was something that felt right for me.

What was your favourite experience as a Global Ambassador?

I think by far my favourite experience through the programme would be working with the team. There is a real family connection that’s built. Through this, the opportunities that we were given as young people was empowering and extremely motivating. I think once you realise the immense positive change you can create for your community, it’s a very addictive space to be in.

How has the Global Ambassadors programme helped you?

There has been a tide of opportunities that have come out of this programme for me, not only locally but internationally as well. I think this programme is so much more than an ambassador programme. It’s an internship that really tests your problem solving and time management skills – but it’s also a safe place to trial new ideas and challenge the city and yourself further than what you may have originally thought was possible.

What are you doing in the international relations space now?

At the moment the international relations scene is pretty quiet for me and I’m focusing on wrapping up my degree. What I have learnt though the Palmy Global Ambassadors programme so far has given me extreme practical experience into local democracy. This programme has helped me to see myself in local and national government spaces helping to connect my communities with the wider world.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying?

With any experience in life, be ready to listen first and then react, be willing to not always be right, be willing to negotiate and overall, be willing to learn. If you can do those things, then this is something you want to be a part of!

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