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Unleashing Palmy's CBD

Wednesday September 20 2017

Palmy Unleashed is ready to help bring our city centre’s streets and public spaces to life with community-run events and activities.

Photo shows Palmy Unleashed coordinator Nicole Canning in the Square.

PNCC Palmy Unleashed Coordinator Nicole Canning is set to make it easier for people to organise community events in public spaces in the central city.

Leading the Council-funded initiative is Palmy Unleashed Coordinator Nicole Canning. “I was drawn to this role because I wanted to play a part in changing the way people talk about our city,” says Nicole. “I’m a proud born and bred Palmy girl. It’s the people who make a place and I’m excited to work with people to really bring this city to life.”

Creating a vibrant and energetic city we can all be proud of is a vision held by Palmerston North City Council. “If you’re a business, community group or just an individual with an idea, Palmy Unleashed is here to support you and make it easier to run events in the central city.”

Some of the support Palmy Unleashed can provide includes funding, event planning guidance, booking public spaces, and help navigating Council processes.

“Whether it’s a small or medium-sized event or idea, we’re happy to talk. It could be a preschool bubble blowing session, a tai chi class, a hot rod rally or a concert – however, the more unexpected the better. All we ask is that the event or activity is situated in the city centre or makes use of public spaces like laneways and carparks, open to everyone, and helps to bring people in during off-peak times,” Nicole says.

“We’re asking people to see or reimagine how we can use our CBD public spaces, and then we can empower them to do it. I’m happy to talk to anyone with an idea.”

Thursday Night Street Feast is an example of Council working closely with an event organiser to support their idea. While event organiser Street Food Concepts managed the trucks and marketing, Council staff helped with making the site suitable, traffic management, lighting and power, as well as event collateral, administrative support, and a monthly review of the event’s financial sustainability.

“Sometimes all these elements can seem overwhelming – but we don’t want them to stop great ideas becoming realities. We’re here to make it fun and easy. That’s what Palmy Unleashed is all about.”

Upcoming events Palmy Unleashed is supporting include live street art working alongside Native Tattoos and Safe As Gallery in Coleman Mall this Saturday during the Spring Blossom Festival. On 7 October, Beats Bites and Brushes 2.0 will run from 12pm to 9pm down Berryman’s Lane, continuing the world-class street art along the laneway with live street art and music. There’s also a plan to work with the organisers of a Latin Fiesta featuring Latin food trucks, Latin music and dance, happening outside the Globe Theatre on 14 October.

Anyone wanting to chat to Palmy Unleashed Coordinator Nicole Canning can call her on 027 429 5771 or email Nicole can also be contacted through the programme's social media channels: Instagram and Facebook.