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Water outlook for summer

Thursday January 10 2019

An update on the city's water levels this summer.

The current situation

Two-thirds of the city’s water comes from our dams at Turitea, and they are currently 100% full. The remainder of the city's water comes from bores and they also have good water levels. We do however encourage residents and businesses to be mindful of their water use so that we can hopefully enjoy a summer without restrictions.

Photo shows Palmerston North's water reservoir in the Turitea Valley.

Turitea Dam.

3 water-saving tips this summer

1. Use public pools instead of personal paddling pools

Paddling pools contain large volumes of water so head to the Memorial Park, Esplanade, Lido or Freyberg pools instead. If you do use a paddling pool at home, empty the water on your lawn or gardens rather than near the drains.

2. Check your soil moisture before watering

Scratch the surface of the soil in your garden with your finger. If it looks to be wet, then don’t worry about watering today.

3. Mulch your garden now

Mulching helps retain moisture and slow down the growth of weeds. Grass clippings, compost, wood chips, shredded paper, peat or straw can all make good mulch. Do this and then sit back and enjoy the sun while your vegetables take care of themselves.