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Water restrictions continue

Tuesday January 9 2018

Palmerston North City Council is thanking city residents for their water conservation efforts.

Level Two water restrictions were imposed on 7 December and water usage reports show a lowering of demand on the city’s water supply.

This decreased demand and the recent rain has meant Level Three water restrictions will not be introduced at this time, as was planned prior to Christmas. The Level Two restrictions remain in place.

Dora Luo, PNCC Water Asset Engineer said resident’s water conservation has made a huge difference. “However there are three more months ahead of us which are usually very dry and the city’s storage is still lower than some of the dry years.

“Wellington Anniversary is fast approaching and is historically one of the peak demand times for water in Palmerston North. We can’t control the weather, but we can control how much water we each use. If people continue with conserving water and following the Level Two water restrictions, the city may be able to avoid increasing restrictions this year” said Mrs Luo.

Council has received 125 reports of people breaching the water restrictions and these are being followed up. Anyone found to breach a second time will be referred to an enforcement officer. Those caught repeatedly breaching the restrictions could face consequences that may include the installation of water meter onto their property at their cost.

“We have staff monitoring the implementation of the restrictions and we are dropping in water conservation tips into letterboxes at the same time.”

Water conservation tips are being shared on the Council’s social media pages and website.