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Water restrictions lifted in Palmerston North

Saturday April 18 2020

Water restrictions have been lifted in Palmerston North after heavy rain refilled the city’s dam overnight.

Photo shows Palmerston North's water reservoir in the Turitea Valley.

The Turitea Dam supplies two-thirds of the city’s drinking water, with the remainder coming from nine bores around the city.

Level 1 restrictions came into effect in early March after the dam level dropped below 80 per cent.

That meant people could only use unattended hoses, sprinklers and irrigation in the evening every second day.

Overnight the dam level rose 2.5 metres, bringing it to 0.6m below the spill line.

Palmerston North City Council Water Operations Manager Mike Monaghan says that significant amount of rain, and more rain forecast, means the dam is now full enough to remove all restrictions.

“We want to thank everyone who has worked so diligently to conserve water over the past six weeks. It’s nice for the city to be able to celebrate some good news.”

He says it’s important to remember that every drop matters, and though restrictions have lifted, we should still remember to conserve water when and where we can.