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We're removing some trees near the lagoon

Monday December 2 2019

We need to remove some trees near Hokowhitu Lagoon to dig service trenches.

The new residential subdivision that is being built at the old Teachers' College site needs to have more power, water and wastewater services than are currently there.

To do this, the services need to be run into the site along the road edge. This requires the developer to dig trenches. Unfortunately, there are seven trees that are in the way.

Over the next few months, you’ll see us removing these trees as the trenching is completed and the services are laid.

Once the services are laid the developer will install a new footpath providing better river access. A new set of roadside trees will be planted.

Photo shows satellite map with coloured area where trees will be removed.

This map shows the area where the trees are located (coloured brown). Note, only some of the trees in this area will be removed, not all of them.

Tree schedule 

Photo shows map of berm trees near the lagoon scheduled for arborist work or removal.

Download the document below for the full schedule of the work the arborists are carrying out and details of the trees.

Preparing for the Hokowhitu Lagoon upgrade 

The retaining walls on of the banks of the Hokowhitu lagoon are currently in poor condition and due for replacement. This is a two-stage project, with the first stage to be completed between February and April 2020.

To begin stabilisation work, 10 non-native trees close to the lagoon bank will be removed over the coming weeks. A number of these trees are dying and pose a safety risk. All other non-native trees will remain.

To re-stabilise the bank, it will be cut back into a slope and planted with native wetland vegetation. These plants will be ecologically sourced from the local area and will be used to both support wildlife and address water quality issues. All existing native trees on the water’s edge will be retained in place.

Read more about the project here: