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A vehicle crossing is the area of driveway between your home or business, over the footpath, and connecting to the road. Use this form if you’d like to apply for one of these crossings.

Landowner Details

Agents Details
Lot Information
The legal description is shown on the Certificate of Title, Rates Notice, or can be found on the rates search on this website.
This application may be completed in conjunction with building work or as part of a subdivision.

The processing of this application form is separate, but any approval given does not override any resource consents or building consent conditions. Work cannot proceed until any variations between the consents have been worked out.

Vehicle Crossing Required

The minimum size vehicle crossing is three metres
Only Council approved concrete contractors are eligible to do this work. The list of these contractors can be found at No work can proceed until you have received the application, with any conditions and specifications from us.
Please upload the site plan showing the vehicle crossing location.