The woodchopper: Stephen from Ayres Place

Pine is shit wood, but it’ll do. Tōtara, gum and mac are best. I’ll get a trailer load of it to my girlfriend when this is over because she’s got an open fire and doesn’t like wood that sparks.

Photo shows smiling man in checked shirt and redbands leaning against an enormous pile of firewood.

What about your girlfriend? You weren’t tempted to go and live with her during lockdown?

You know... I rang her up and told I had my bags packed and was on my way round. She yelled, “You bloody are not!”

I was only joking. We’ve lived apart like this for 15 years and it’s worked just fine. We’d go mad if we had to be in the same place together.

Words and photo by PalmyProud contributor Anthony Behrens. He followed the Ministry of Health's recommendations on social distancing when conducting this interview and was 2m+ away from the interviewee.