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Palmerston North 2050 city carbon model

Welcome to Palmerston North! The year is 2050 and the city has changed over the past 30 years, but how is Palmy performing on climate change?

We want you to tell us how you think Palmerston North's carbon emissions will change over the next 30 years.

The climate calculator presents different policy choices and economic changes to let you explore how changes to transport, land use, industry, buildings, and energy will impact the city’s overall yearly carbon emissions.

We will take the data from your choices and use this to help develop a roadmap towards a low carbon future for the city.

How to use the city carbon model

  1. Access the city carbon model through the link below or go to
  2. Welcome to Palmerston North, the year is 2050! Start your model by selecting the begin button.
  3. Select the transport lever to start making decisions about how travel will look in Palmy in 2050.
  4. Work your way through all the scenarios under all five levers: transport, land use, industry, buildings, and energy policy.
  5. Watch how the city changes as a result of your decisions. You can go back and change any scenario response to see how different outputs change our overall carbon emissions.
  6. Once you’re happy with Palmy’s 2050 yearly emissions, select the finish and share button to submit your modelling.

Thanks for telling us where you think we can reduce our carbon emissions! You can make and submit as many different models as you like.