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Our committees represent the main areas Council is responsible for. Here’s an overview of how committees work and the issues they cover.

The Mayor and 15 Councillors work through committees to make decisions about what Council will do and how work will be funded. The committee structure is reviewed every three years after each election.

Most committees meet monthly, on Wednesdays at 9am in the Council Chambers, with some meeting quarterly and others as needed.

Meetings are usually held in public and Council advertises the issues it will be considering. Non–confidential reports are available to the public. If Council is talking about something confidential the public may be excluded from that part of the meeting. As confidential decisions are made available, you'll be able to access them.

Expand the items on the list below to read more about each committee's focus areas and members for the current term.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee

This committee focuses on encouraging the arts, culture and heritage sector and monitors the performance of Council-controlled organisations: Caccia Birch House, Globe Theatre, Regent on Broadway, and Te Manawa Museum Trust.

  • Chairperson  –  Rachel Bowen
  • Deputy Chairperson  –  Brent Barrett
  • Members  – Zulfiqar Butt, Renee Dingwall, Lorna Johnson, Karen Naylor, Bruno Petrenas and Tangi Utikere
  • Meets quarterly 

Chief Executive’s Performance Review Panel

The purpose of this panel is to ensure Council carries out its responsibilities as a good employer of the Chief Executive.

  • Chairperson  – Tangi Utikere
  • Deputy Chairperson  – Grant Smith 
  • Members  – Susan Baty, Vaughan Dennison, Pat Handcock, Leonie Hapeta, Aleisha Rutherford.  
  • Meets as required

Committee of Council

The Committee of Council is responsible for the long-term plan and annual plan, council’s strategic direction, asset management, and the cost effectiveness of service delivery.

  • Chairperson  –  Grant Smith
  • Deputy Chairperson  –  Tangi Utikere
  • Members  –  Mayor and all Councillors
  • Meets as scheduled (February to June)

Community Development Committee

This committee’s terms of reference cover a wide range of issues from community organisations, grants and events, to civil defence, social housing, libraries, public health, and ensuring Palmerston North is a good and safe place to live for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Chairperson  –  Lorna Johnson
  • Deputy chairperson  –  Rachel Bowen
  • Members  – Councillors: Brent Barrett, Susan Baty, Zulfiqar Butt, Renee Dingwall, Lew Findlay, Leonie Hapeta, Patrick Handcock, Billy Meehan, Karen Naylor, Bruno Petrenas, Aleisha Rutherford
  • Rangitāne appointee: Danielle Harris
  • Meets quarterly

District Licensing Committee

The District Licensing Committee considers alcohol licence applications in Palmerston North. 

  • Chairperson  – Susan Baty
  • Deputy chairperson  – Tangi Utikere
  • Members  – 
  • Community appointees: Graham Rossiter, Rod Titcombe, Vicki Beagley

You can find information on the alcohol licensing regulations and process and the committee's decisions on our website.

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee engages across the business community, economic agencies and major economic sectors of the city. It also oversees our international relations work and receives portfolio reports relating to the central business district, education and students, Defence, and science, technology, innovation and housing.

  • Chairperson  – Tangi Utikere
  • Deputy Chairperson  –  Leonie Hapeta
  • Members  – Councillors: Brent Barrett, Susan Baty, Rachel Bowen, Zulfiqar Butt, Vaughan Dennison, Renee Dingwall, Lew Findlay, and Aleisha Rutherford
  • Rangitāne appointee: Ruma Karaitiana
  • Meets quarterly 

Environmental Sustainability Committee

This committee considers environmental matters including climate change response, biodiversity, waste minimisation, environmentally sustainable practices and the environmental aspects of energy, transport, and water. They are responsible for engaging with other organisations in the sector and monitoring the city's environmental wellbeing.

  • Chairperson  – Brent Barrett 
  • Deputy Chairperson  –  Aleisha Rutherford 
  • Members  – Councillors: Zulfiqar Butt, Vaughan Dennison, Renee Dingwall, Lorna Johnson, Billy Meehan and Karen Naylor
  • Rangitāne appointee: Christopher Whaiapu
  • Meets quarterly

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee oversees Council's finances and investments including the financial performance of Council and Palmerston North Airport. It also has oversight of risk management including health and safety and considers rates remissions, contracts, and fees and charges.

  • Chairperson  –  Susan Baty
  • Deputy Chairperson  – Karen Naylor
  • Members  – Councillors: Vaughan Dennison, Renee Dingwall, Lew Findlay, Leonie Hapeta, Patrick Handcock, Lorna Johnson, Bruno Petrenas and Tangi Utikere
  • There is also a vacancy for an external appointee on this committee 
  • Meets monthly

Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee oversees the progress of Council's design and build projects including capital projects such as the Central Energy Trust Arena Masterplan implementation, the wastewater treatment plant, the Victoria Esplanade Masterplan, major transport projects and the development of major facilities, for example, the Library. 

  • Chairperson  – Vaughan Dennison
  • Deputy Chairperson  – Susan Baty
  • Members  – Brent Barrett, Rachel Bowen, Zulfiqar Butt, Lew Findlay, Billy Meehan, Karen Naylor, Bruno Petrenas, Aleisha Rutherford and Tangi Utikere
  • Meets monthly

Hearings Committee

The Hearings Committee considers matters under the Resource Management Act 1991 and Dog Control Act 1996. It also conducts hearings on other issues as required by law or requested by Council.

  • Chairperson  –  Tangi Utikere
  • Deputy Chairperson  – Aleisha Rutherford
  • Members  –  Brent Barrett, Susan Baty, Rachel Bowen, Leonie Hapeta, Lorna Johnston, Karen Naylor and Bruno Petrenas 
  • Meets as required

Manawatū District and Palmerston North City Joint Strategic Planning Committee

This joint committee considers strategic planning issues that affect Palmerston North City and the Manawatū District Council, with a focus on infrastructure, land use planning and economic development. The committee also considers community planning, regional roading and shared services issues.

Planning and Strategy Committee

This committee considers plans and strategies that relate to the environment, transport, wastewater, urban design and the development of bylaws. It also considers District Plan reviews, city growth and development, strategic infrastructure planning and monitors the performance of the strategic direction. The Planning and Strategy Committee receives reports from the transport portfolio.

  • Chairperson  – Aleisha Rutherford
  • Deputy Chairperson  – Patrick Handcock 
  • Members  – Brent Barrett, Rachel Bowen, Zulfiqar Butt, Renee Dingwall, Lorna Johnson, Karen Naylor, Bruno Petrenas and Tangi Utikere
  • Meets monthly

Play, Recreation and Sport Committee

This committee focuses on Palmerston North’s sport and leisure spaces: playgrounds, parks and reserves, sport fields and facilities. It monitors Sport Manawatū.

  • Chairperson  –  Leonie Hapeta
  • Deputy Chairperson  –  Billy Meehan
  • Members  –  Brent Barrett, Zulfiqar Butt, Vaughan Dennison, Lew Findlay, Patrick Handcock, Karen Naylor, and Bruno Petrenas
  • Meets quarterly

Rangitāne o Manawatū

This new committee cements Council's historic and ongoing relationship with local iwi Rangitāne o Manawatū. The committee will have oversight and operate in accordance with the Kawenata in Relation to Te Motu o Poutoa Agreement signed between Rangitāne o Manawatū and Palmerston North City Council. 

Membership will be confirmed at the February 2020 Council meeting.

This committee meets six-monthly.

Creative Communities New Zealand Arts and Culture Fund Committee

This committee administers the Council's Arts and Culture Fund and the Creative Communities Scheme.

Committee membership is made up of one Square Edge representative, up to two Councillors, and community representatives, including: one tangata whenua representative, one Pasifika representative, one representative from the Multicultural Council, one representative from the Youth Council, and up to three other community members.

This committee meets as required.