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Hearing: KiwiRail notice of requirement

This hearing relates to KiwiRail's notice of requirement to designate land for constructing and operating a new intermodal regional freight hub near Palmerston North.

Updated news is that the hearing has now been closed by the commissioners and we are awaiting the recommendation from them.

The commissioners haven’t given us a timeframe for when they will make their recommendation and there is no official timeframe within which the commissioners must make a decision.

After the recommendation is received from the commissioners, Kiwirail then have 30 working days to advise the Council whether or not they accept or reject the recommendation in whole or in part.

The Council must, within 15 working days, then serve the notice of the decision from Kiwirail on everyone who made a submission, land owners and occupiers.

After Council have done this, within 15 working days, anyone can then appeal the decision to the Environment Court.

Find the original notification documents, submissions, technical evidence and other reports received before the hearing on the KiwiRail freight hub page.

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