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How Council meetings work

At Council meetings Councillors debate and decide on all sorts of issues that affect our city.

What’s on the agenda?

Agendas are made available two working days before a committee meeting or a meeting of the full Council. To suggest an issue for a committee agenda, talk to a Councillor. 

Talking to a Council or committee meeting

For most ordinary (scheduled) committee meetings – except full Council meetings, Hearings Committee meetings and Commissioner Hearings – the first half hour is set aside for comments from the public.

If you wish to speak at an extraordinary (additional) committee meeting, you need approval from the committee chairperson and your comments must be specific to items on the agenda for that meeting.

If you wish to speak to Council on behalf of a group or organisation – as a deputation – you’ll need to contact the Chief Executive at least seven working days before the meeting, outlining the issues you intend to address. Your request will need to be approved by the committee chairperson. In cases of urgency or major public interest, the chairperson may allow a shorter timeframe.

Find out more

For all meeting enquiries, please contact our governance and support team on 06 356 8199.