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Councillor by-election 2015

Final result and electoral returns for the 2013 councillor by-election.

Final result (one vacancy)

Affiliation Status
Petrenas, Bruno Independent Elected
Bundy-Cooke, Gabrielle   Excluded
Naylor, Karen Positive Choice Excluded
Johnson, Lorna   Excluded
Pugmire, Sue Independent Excluded
Symes, Abi Independent Excluded
Egan, Martin Independent Excluded
de la Haye, Warren Independent Excluded
Barber, Ross Easton Team God Excluded

Electoral donations and expenses

Nominated for



Barber, Ross Easton

Bundy-Cooke, Gabrielle

de la Haye, Warren

Egan, Martin

Johnson, Lorna

Naylor, Karen

Petrenas, Bruno

Pugmire, Sue

Symes, Abi